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Nitrile gloves
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Nitrile gloves

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Rovinsky Alex
,  Одесса, UA
на Флагма с 18 мая 2017


Dear Buyers,

️Cranberry glove 300pcs gloves
️3M Cardinal 200pcs gloves
️3M 1860 N95 Mask


1️ NCNDA & IMFPA signed by buyer, buyer mandate, intermediaries till seller mandate
2️ The buyer issues the LOI, LOA, ICPO and signs the mandate authorization letter
3️ Proceeding the A2A
️After the documents are verified, the SPA will be sent to the buyer
️Buyer needs to submit the BCL to seller attorney during the A2A
️Attorney from both buyer & seller will negotiate transaction procedures, contract content, payment terms and other matters during the A2A
4️ POP data (SGS report/Lot number/Batch number) will be provided once the buyer submit the BCL, along with the signing back SPA for operation
5️ Buyer fills the SPA contract number into the IMFPA, and bring it to the bank for endorsement, and let their attorney notarized
6️ Escrow release / refill funds against SGS for each delivery

10% Commission structure
(will be paid by buyer. So, buyer needs to sign the IMFPA with buyer mandate, intermediaries and seller mandate)

■1/3 for seller mandate ~ Closed
■50% of 1/3 for seller intermediary ~ Closed
■50% of 1/3 for buyer intermediary ~ Open
■1/3 Buyer mandate ~ Open


3M Cardinal gloves
$15.85 Including 10%
$15.85 Including 10%
$14.85 Including 10%
$14.55 Including 10%
$14.00 Including 10%
️50B~99B $13.00 Including 10%
️100B~499B $13.00 Including 10%
️500B~ $13.00 Including 10%
$13.00 Including

Cranberry 300pcs gloves
US$21.50 all in
US$20.50 all in
US$19.50 all in
US$19.00 all in
US$18.00 all in
US$17.50 all in
US$17.00 all in
US$17.00 all in
US$17.00 all in

Contact T. WhatsApp, viber, telegram
+38050 061 5417

Номер объявления: 1719742   |  просмотров: 27  
,  Одесса, UA
на Флагма с 18 мая 2017

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