Face mask
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Face mask

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Условия поставки: EXW Вильнюс
Anton Golubcov
,  Вильнюс, LT
на Флагма с 19 декабря 2019


Sewing face masks on order. Production.
3-layer mask. Packing 10/15/30/50 pieces.
Drawing a logo on a packing box.
Material: non-woven three-layer.
- Spanbond + Meltblown + Spanbond;
- nose clip, ear loop made of spandex;
- White color.
- The size; 17.5 * 9.5 cm
- Degree of protection; not less than BFE 95%

For the manufacture of facial masks, we use a material with a density of 30 g / m2;
Advantages and distinctive features of the material:
- the material is easily sterilized (temperature 100–130 ° С);
- the possibility of washing (with the addition of an antistatic agent);
- the material is easy to iron;
- non toxic;
- does not cause allergic reactions;
- resistant to acids and alkalis;
- the material is light;
- hydrophobic properties (water-repellent properties);

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,  Вильнюс, LT
на Флагма с 19 декабря 2019
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