Amber impregnation
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Amber impregnation

Amber Protect
sales department
,  Kaliningrad, RU
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Amber impregnation for wooden surfaces. It's not just about saving materials. Impregnation is antiseptic and protects the surface from all sorts of harmful effects: insects, mold, ultraviolet rays and helps to preserve the original color. The treated surface will no longer darken, rot and be destroyed by insects, but will remain strong for a very, very long time. The principle of action of amber impregnation is based on the fact that it penetrates deep into the surface. When covering the surface, a film is created, which is an additional protection. The composition penetrates into the pores, fills them, while further consumption of the finishing layer is significantly reduced.
Natural and environmentally friendly product.

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,  Kaliningrad, RU
Flagma member since 28 May 2019
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